Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hello Coaches,

Please read this message in its entirety.

This past Saturday I was out at WRAL observing several games and have some observations that I wish to share with the community.  In future weeks, I will be sure to visit Wake Forest, Cary, and Garner.

Pre-Game Warmup
By far the most common warm up that I saw on almost every field was a shooting line.  Players would stand in a long line and take turns shooting on goal.  A pre-game warm up should prepare the players mentally and physically to perform in the game.  There should be active moving, changing directions, and multiple touches on the ball.  Players should be put into situations in which they will be exposed to in the game, to allow the players opportunities for success.
Example:  5mins - dynamic movement and warm up.  10 mins- dribbling, turning, passing activity 10-mins possession activity 5 mins - shooting

U9/U10 Goal kicks
Observing several of the U9/10 games, I have a thought that I want to pass along to the coaches to improve the goal kick restart.  Having all of the defenders back to the midline is intended to give the team in possession opportunity to pass and play the ball up the field.  I encourage you to have your kicker pass the ball to a team mate and work the ball out of the defensive half.  I saw too often the keeper trying to kick the ball as far forward as possible, which is not the intent.  If you look to keep possession, your players will benefit.

Numbers on Uniforms
I saw one team that had numbers pinned to their uniforms.  I am not sure if there were any other teams at other locations, but this is not allowed.  Please be sure that the uniforms all have numbers on the uniforms without any safety pins.

Official Printed Rosters
CASL rules require all U9 through U19 recreaton teams to provide a printed "official match roster" to the referee before each game. The reason for this is to be able to track warnings and ejections of players as well as to ensure that only registered players, covered by insure, are competing in the game.  Failure to do so by rule constitutes a forfeit.  I recommend that each coach make multiple copies of their roster and have with them at each game.

If you train on a field that is a game field, DO NOT TRAIN IN THE PENALTY BOX!!!  If you need to do something to goals, pull the goal out of the penalty box.  This is the area of the field that takes the most wear, so if teams train in these spaces on their training days, the fields are going to deteriorate for offical games.  Please do your part to protect the fields.  Also, while I am out observing training sessions and I see teams training in these spaces I will ask you to move.

Thank you for all that you do!!!

Bryan Farnsworth
Director of Recreation

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